Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have a job!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I certainly have much to be thankful for this year. On Tuesday I had an interview at an elementary school to be a Special Education Assistant and on Wednesday I got the call that they wanted to hire me! I am so excited about. I will be in a regular third grade classroom working as an assistant to one student with special needs as well as assisting the classroom teacher with other activities throughout the day. I go on Monday to sign my contract and I start Tuesday.

This does mean that I will not be going to Fredericksburg to work for my Aunt Pam, so please pray that she is able to find a reliable person to come help her out in her home a little bit while she is having chemo treatments.

Thanks for all of your prayers and have a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 17, 2008


My Aunt has asked me to come live with her for the next three months in Fredericksburg while she is undergoing chemotherapy to be her nanny/assistant. She will be able to cover my expenses and I will continue to look for work and pursue missions. Fredericksburg is about 2 hours north of my parents, just outside the DC area. My Aunt is an amazing Godly woman and it would be a blessing to get to live with her and her family during this time. I am continuing to research and pray about what mission organization to go with and where to go. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and encouragement.

This is a prayer from The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions. We prayed this prayer in church on Sunday and I think it is so fitting for my life.

Holy Lord, I have sinned times without number, and been guilty of pride and unbelief, of failure to find Thy mind in Thy Word, of neglect to seek Thee in my daily life. My transgressions and short-comings present me with a list of accusations, but I bless Thee that they will not stand against me, for all have been laid on Christ. Go on to subdue my corruptions, and grant me grace to live above them. Let not the passions of the flesh nor lustings of the mind bring my spirit into subjection, but do Thou rule over me in liberty and power.
I thank Thee that many of my prayers have been refused. I have asked amiss and do not have, I have prayed from lusts and been rejected, I have longed for Egypt and been given a wilderness. Go on with Thy patient work, answering ‘no’ to my wrongful prayers, and fitting me to accept it. Purge me from every false desire, every base aspiration, everything contrary to Thy rule. I thank Thee for Thy wisdom and Thy love, for all the acts of discipline to which I am subject, for sometimes putting me into the furnace to refine my gold and remove my dross.
No trial is so hard to bear as a sense of sin. If Thou shouldst give me choice to live in pleasure and keep my sins, or to have them burnt away with trial, give me sanctified affliction. Deliver me from every evil habit, every accretion of former sins, everything that dims the brightness of Thy grace in me, everything that prevents me taking delight in Thee. Then I shall bless Thee, God of jeshurun, for helping me to be upright.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Now What?

Today I found out that I did not get the job at Discovery Cove. I applied for a job yesterday and found out today I didn't get that job either. Still haven't heard back on any of the positions in VA Beach (Special Ed. Assistant, Social Worker, Pre-school teacher). I have continued applying for teaching positions in Orlando and I am desperately looking for a sub-leaser for my room in Orlando. I can't afford to keep paying rent without a job.
I am still in Virginia with my family. This weekend I am up in Northern Virginia spending time with my Aunt Pam and cousins. It is refreshing to be with my family, but I am missing my friends in Orlando. I feel very overwhelmed with what to do. Through prayer and seeking counsel from others I do feel that I am called to go overseas and I am pursuing that now. Please pray that God would show me exactly where He wants me to go, becuse that is still a bit unclear to me.
Even in my sadness and frustration I know that God is drawing me to Him. I find myself calling on Him constantly in times like these. It is sad that it takes difficult situations for me to run to Christ. My prayer is that I will see how much I need my savior at all the good and in the bad...I believe that, I just need to live it out.
Psalm 32:8~"I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;I will counsel you with my eye upon you."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend Getaway

This weekend I enjoyed the peak of autumn in the mountains of Virginia. There are few things I can think of better than this. And to top it off I was with my best friend Joanne, the other bridesmaids in her wedding (which is Jan. 2), and a couple other close friends. The weekend was really Joanne's bachelorette party. We drank wine, spent time in the hot tub, went to a wine tasting at a local winery complete with a picnic lunch, played games, and we even practiced our dance moves for the wedding, haha :). It was great to get away for the weekend and not think about work (or lack thereof).
Tomorrow the weekly Virginia Beach City Public School job openings will be posted. Can't wait to see what there will be!! :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Search Continues...

There still is no news for me to report about a job. Wish there was...believe me. Last week after not hearing anything about Discovery Cove, I drove up to Virginia to see what I can find up here. I have applied for 3 Special Ed Assistant positions, a social work position and a pre-school teacher opening. Still looking for other opportunities and still waiting to hear from Discovery Cove.

I am completely enjoying being at home. My brother and sister-in-law moved to Virginia recently and live about 3 miles away. So I have seen them everyday and have been hanging out a ton with my sister-in-law Ashley. She is one of my best friends and it has been almost 4 years since we have lived in the same place, so I am loving it. My best friend Lindsey and her husband live here too and came by for lunch on Tuesday. So even though being in Virginia would mean leaving so many wonderful friends in Florida, I am surrounded by my family here, and they are so important to me.

I'm off to search for more jobs. Thanks for all of your prayers!