Saturday, March 8, 2008

What We're Doing

So it has been a while since I updated with news on Kenya. Things in Kenya have really calmed down a lot. Things are almost completely back to normal in the region I will be serving in. I have found out who my team leader will be this summer. A wonderful woman named Peggy who has a relationship already with the Makukus, the Kenyan family whose church we will be working with this summer. My other teammates will be 4 guys and 3 other girls. So there are 9 of us in all, including Peggy. I am getting so excited to go and I know the time to leave will come so quickly. Support raising is going great. I can’t thank all of my supporters enough. Thank you for your financial support as well as your prayers. There are still a lot of displaced people in Kenya and things are not “back to normal” everywhere so prayers are still greatly appreciated.
I found out a little more about what I will be doing this summer along with my other teammates. This is some information that I received from Peggy. She recently saw Imbumi Makuku, who is in the States raising support.
We will be going to Mathige, a slum out in the countryside next to a stone quarry 1-2 times a week. There is a Bible study there in the daytime and they hope to have an AIDS support group soon. The girls will go there, and the guys will go to Kawangware (another slum) to do sharing and counseling and personnel testimonies for a group of young men ages 12-20 who have been involved in substance abuse but are now attending the church and the group regularly. There will be tutoring times for the girls in the shelter (girl’s home the Makukus have) and Saturdays will be a fun day with the girls. There are 7 classes in the Kibera school and we will help as teachers or aides. There will be a opportunities for many of us to lead the Sunday school class. One Saturday per month the youth from the church meet at the huge park across from the church and have a sports and Bible time which is a great opportunity for outreach.
Please play that there would be unity among the teammates so we can work well together. And please pray that God would be preparing us all physically and spiritually as it gets closer to our departure.