Thursday, April 16, 2009


Recently my family has been talking about getting a puppy. Well about a year ago I was all about getting a puppy. Then I moved back home where my family has a dog...Meghan. Meghan is our sweet black lab who turned twelve in January. She is a member of the family and I absolutely adore her. Well once I was reunited with Meghan after living away from home for about 2 1/2 years I wasn't so keen on the idea of getting a puppy as I thought it wouldn't be fair to Meghan. My mom decided the family was only going to get a puppy if I was on board as I am the animal trainer of the fam :)
So I have been going back and forth on the whole idea for a couple months. Well the past few nights Meghan has been getting all wound up wanting to play and it got me thinking that maybe she wouldn't mind so much having a little playmate.
This morning my mom's BFF called to tell us the dog her family ordered a few months ago was finally born last night and there was one puppy left in the litter...a yellow, female, labrador retriever. Well now how could I resist!
I made the call this morning, put the pup on hold, and put the check in the mail today. Our family is now the proud owner of a sweet little yellow lab named Addie. She'll be coming home in 6 weeks and I truly can't wait! It will be fun to get back to some animal training too :)