Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Little Monster

These are a few recent pictures of Addie. Notice how nice and sweet she looks sleeping. But then when she wakes up she turns into a little monster!

Well...I made it through my class last week! Woohoo! It was actually a great class. It was titled Philosophical and Historical Foundations of Education. It was one of the most interesting classes I have ever taken. It made me rethink my philosophy of education...which was the point since it is a teacher education class.

It was sad being away from Addie all last week, but even more sad is the fact that I leave Friday and will be away from her for 2 weeks! But it will be worth it. I'll be in Peru! I will be spending a week in Trujillo and then a couple days in Lima, a day in Cusco, and a day at Machu Picchu. There will be lots of fun exploring to do. I went out today and bought all kinds of fun stuff for the kiddos to play with; craft supplies, soccer balls, etc...I'll be sure to post pictures when I return :)

Here is a list of events that took place as I was typing this blog post. First Addie pulled an entire loaf of bread off the counter and preceded to swallow as many pieces of bread as possible before I could rip it all away from her. Then she pulls a plant off the kitchen table and rips it to shreds. I was hoping that wore her out…but no. Someone left the bathroom door open so she got into the trash and was playing with an empty toilet paper roll...now she is outside, probably digging holes...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer is Here!

I am taking a break for a moment to update this blog...a much needed break!

I have been taking two classes for the past eight weeks and they come to a close this Friday. I have everything finished...except one 15 page paper that I am about half-way through. Well y'all know how I LOVE to procrastinate! Yeah...it's really catching up to me this time. Next week I am taking a week-long intensive course at Liberty University in Lynchburg. I am supposed to do some prep work before I get there. Well I was thinking I was just going to have to prepare a 3-5 minute presentation on an educational thinker. I chose John Calvin so I figured it would be fun/interesting/easy. Well...it was. I finished it today. What I failed to realize it that I also have to read 2 rather thick books, define about 50 terms in my own words, and fill out a chart on the philosophical beliefs of 12 philosophers. Philosophy=not fun for me. Well, apparently I should have paid better attention and been working on this for a while. But somehow I will get it done. I always do. And then I can enjoy my summer!

Also, I have been teaching swim lessons for the past two weeks. My kiddos have ranged in ages from 4-10. I LOVE teaching swim lessons! It is fun to have a break from homework and get outside and play in the pool with the kiddos. We talk to the fish and blow bubbles and swim like superman :)

I can't wait until Independence Day! It is one of my absolutely favorite holidays...if not my fav. I just love being outside, eating ALL the yummy food, being with friends and family, and who doesn't love fireworks! This time last year I was in Kenya planning for the big 4th of July Party at the Girl's Shelter. I miss those girls...but I am also happy to be with my family this 4th :)