Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Love

Mama and Aunt Lindsey

Proud Aunt Pamela and Aunt Lindsey

My BFF from high school had her first baby in March. This week precious Liam is 3 months old. I was so blessed to have 2 visits with this sweet, cuddly, adorable baby this week :)

Summer Schedule

My summer plans have a been a little bit up in the air and have changed several times. It looks like things are finally coming together (although you never know when something might change again).

June 26th-July 29th~ Colorado Springs for pre-field training at Mission Training International
August~ Visits with friends and family north of Virginia Beach
September~ Visits with friends and family south of Virginia Beach
October (first weekish)~ Leave for Uganda (traveling with several teammates :))

That's the plan for now at least :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Middle of Nowhere, Africa

I LOVE this blog post by one of my teammates already living in Uganda. It gives a great picture of where I am going :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Final Week at Thalia

3 1/2 days, that's how long I have left as a 4th grade teacher at Thalia. I'm sure I'll cry on Friday...tears of sadness and tears of joy. When teachers leave Thalia they get to leave their handprint outside of their classroom door. Today as the art teacher came to get me so I could leave my handprint a wave of emotions came over me...sadness, excitement for the next phase of life... I've learned so much from this class of 9 &10 year olds, and they will forever remain precious to me.

This is a slideshow of my little cuties :)
Ms. Stephens' 4th Grade 2010-2011 Slideshow