Sunday, August 10, 2008

Muthiga Bible Club

The note in this picture says Asante, Thank You if you can't read it! Thank you to my supporters!
Women from the HIV/AIDS support group in Muthiga
Craft Time
Adorable Elizabeth waiting for lunch
Lunch Time!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home Visits

Ministry Team at Covenant Presbyterian Church
Me, Buena, Angelo, Adam

On Wednesdays, we spent time in a slum called Kawangware where we worked with Pastor Shikonde at Covenant Presbyterian Church. We would split up into groups and go visit people in their homes. Along with a translator or two, Adam (one of the other interns) and I would go out in search of people to visit and pray with. This was so much fun because it was an incredible experience to be able to go into peoples homes and talk to them. Even though these people have next to nothing they were so generous. They almost always offered us something to eat and drink. One of my fondest memories when visiting Kawangware was going into the home of a Sudanese family. There are many Sudanese refugees in Kenya who have come to escape the civil war in their country. Well we went into the house of Buena, the cousin of our translator Angelo, and at first only Buena and his mother were home. By the time we left there were about 20 family members packed in the house. They all went around and told Adam and me things they needed prayer for. Adam read some scripture and I prayed. This family was so generous and made us feel right at home. They went out to get Adam and me a soda and after we prayed we watched CNN for a while (the only time the whole summer I saw any television). Another time in Kawangware, we went into a home where we were offered lunch-rice and beef and tea. There were homes we visited where we were able to share the Gospel with non-believers and homes where we could pray for people who knew the Lord. Spending time in Kawangware was inspiring and encouraging.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Safari In Masai Mara

Here are some pictures from our time on safari in the Masai Mara. Words and pictures really can’t do justice to the beauty in this place. It was completely breathtaking and I have to say it is my favorite place in the world. The open savannah seems endless and I loved the sweet smell of the grass as we drove along with the top of the van open . I was blessed to just be in this place and see the beauty of God’s creation.
African Elephants
Joanna, me and the giraffes

Safari Van
Water Buffalo

Zebra and Wildebeest Migration (This was amazing! There were literally thousands of wildebeests and zebras all migrating to Tanzania in search of green grass.)
White Faced Vervet
Hippos (We stopped here by the river for lunch and had to fight off the monkeys and mongooses so they wouldn't steal our food!)
Sunset over the African Savannah

Here is a complete list of all the animals we saw if you are curious...
Lilac Breasted Roller
Secretary Bird
White Faced Vervet
African Solcotta Tortoise
Thompson Gazelle
Grant Gazelle
Silver Fox (Jackal)
Water Buffalo

Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally Some Pictures!

These are some pictures from the Kibera slum where we spent the most time. I worked with Teacher Abigail in the Nursery Class. This church has an incredible ministry for people with HIV/AIDS and they have an awesome Women's Bible Study and many other ministries to outreach to the community. The people in Kibera were so welcoming and loving. The children were so adorable and just wanted love and attention and I was happy to be able to spend time with them. Being in Kibera was a comlete joy. The poverty is overwhelming and there are so many needs in this place. But the love the people have for the Lord is incredible. I learned so much from spending time in the Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church.
Children playing outside Kibera Reformed Presbyterian Church
Teacher Abigail with Alex and Teddy
Pastor Imbumi playing with some street children
The entire team on the edge of Kibera
Some sweet girls from the Kibera Youth Group
Kids at the Mamlaka School in Kibera

The Nursery Class

I will post more pictures soon from the other places we spent time. Thank you for your prayers. I am adjusting well to being back in the States.