Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have some very exciting news to share! I think it is the most exciting news I have ever had to date :) I spent the past week in Philadelphia attending Assessment and Orientation with World Harvest. This is the final approval process to be a missionary with World Harvest. I am happy to report that I am approved to go to Bundibugyo, Uganda! Lord willing I’ll be on the field this time next year. I’m going to be teaching the missionary kiddos :)

This past week was SO wonderful. Five (plus baby due in Sept :)) of my new teammates were going through the process with me, along with several other missionaries heading to other countries in Europe. The missionaries going to Uganda with me are AMAZING! I have been praying for teammates who I felt like I could connect with. God was more than gracious with these precious teammates.

In other news…I’m still on the job hunt for this year, but I am THRILLED to know where I’ll be next year and beyond for a while!

Friday, July 16, 2010


The interview yesterday went really well. But I didn't get the job so I will just count it towards more interview experience. The principal called me the same day to let me know the position was going to someone else, but he told me that he will recommend me to other principals. With about 300 people applying for one opening this will be very helpful.

One of my best friends called me after I had just gotten the news and she was very encouraging to me. I was having a little meltdown and just feeling confused and frustrated. I started questioning everything in my life. She reminded me that my life is not my own, it isn't all about me. It is about Jesus and I am just one little letter in an entire story. However, she was also so encouraging in reminding me that I am loved and cared about.

Last night I came across this Bible verse...
Acts 20:24
But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

I am really getting excited about my interview with World Harvest and I can't wait to meet my potential teammates. It will be so fun to spend the week with people who love missions as I do. Also, a bonus to the week is that my aunt and uncle live about 15 minutes from World Harvest and I will get to stay with them for the week. I haven't seen them in 3 years! So it will be fun to catch up with them and be with family in the midst of a potentially challenging week.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still Searching

I'm still on the hunt for a job. I have applied to MANY teaching jobs in Virginia Beach. I had one interview at Providence, but I found out yesterday that I did not get the job :( Bummer. I have an interview tomorrow for a fifth grade position at another school.

I've been teaching summer school, although in a position I did not think I wanted. I was offered a kindergarten position for summer school, but because I do not have my license in hand (it is still in the LONG approval process at the state headquarters) I lost that job :( Fortunately there was a special education assistant position. I am working in 11 classrooms. My job is to work with all of the kids with IEPs (special ed.). I am actually really enjoying it because I am getting to observe many different teachers and I'm working in three different grade levels, so I feel like I'm learning a lot. I am really looking forward to having my own classroom for an entire year. What a treat that will be for me after all of this transitioning the past couple of years.

Please pray that my interview will go well on Thursday (it's at 11:30) and that if it's God's will I will get the job! I am trusting that God has just the right place in mind for me :) and maybe it isn't the worst thing to get some interview experience!
One more thing, I am going to Philadelphia the last week of July for Assessment and Orientation with World Harvest. If I am approved by them during this week then I can begin raising support to go to Uganda a year from now.