Saturday, October 13, 2012

Update By Photos

Studying plants with Patton.
Our new puppy, Sherlock!
Moringa, the RMS goat eating up the school flower garden :(
This little cutie, Oliva, hangs out while her mom cleans RMS every Monday. She is just helping with the dishes here :)
Recess time!
Lilli and Patton being hilarious during craft. 
Taking Vincent for a haircut so his teacher will let him stay in class. His grandma was away, so no one else was around to help him out. 
Having a soda with Charity and Vincent, neighbors and Kids Club attenders. 
I buy fabric in the market from this little cuties' mama.
Vincent and Charity showing off their new school shoes. (They were also kicked out of class for having improper shoes.) 
We were treated to a 1 hour flight back to Bundibugyo, rather than the long bumpy 8 hour drive we usually have to take. 
There is snow where I live (well 17,000 feet above me anyway.)
My home, Nyahuka. Almost looks like a sprawling metropolis from up here :) 
We came to a very abrupt stop on the runway. 
Beautiful Bundibugyo!