Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Things I Love/ Things that Changed My Life in 2009

I frequently tell people, “wow! That thing changed my life.” And they think I am joking. But seriously, even if these things are completely silly, and perhaps materialistic, they have all changed my life in some way for the better (at least I think so)!

In no particular order…

10) DVR- When I moved home last year I talked my mom into getting a DVR for the TV in our family room. This caused conflict between my mom, sister, and I over who would watch what shows when. So, I decided I would get a DVR in my bedroom. It hasn’t increased the amount of TV I watched, however, I have always watched too much to begin with. Love this thing!

9) Twilight Series- I know people will make fun, but I don’t care. The love of these books began when I moved home last year and my sister-in law got into them. I started reading them in Dec. ’08. I couldn’t put them down. I re-read them this year before New Moon the movie came out. They are just so entertaining and an easy read.

8) The Loft- I’m not exactly sure when or how this began, but the true addiction to this clothing store began sometime this year. I seriously go in there at least once a week. I am no longer allowed to go though since I will be spending 16 weeks unpaid while I student teach.

7) Blackberry- I wanted a phone that I could use while I was traveling overseas (after realizing how very difficult it was to be in Kenya with no way to get in touch with anyone, even in the case of an emergency). Someone recommended a blackberry. I love this thing. I see why people refer to it as a crackberry. I took it to Peru with me and used it to email home. I even sent email from Machu Picchu! I didn’t use it for calls since that would still be very expensive, but it was nice just knowing I had the capability to do so if I needed to.

6) GPS- This was a Christmas present and came about eight years (that’s how long I’ve had my driver’s license) too late. Seriously changed my life. If it ever stops working expect a phone call from me telling you I’m lost.

5) Chi Flat Iron- I discovered a little over a year ago that my hair is naturally curlyish. I have no clue when or how it happened. I always thought my hair had a lot of “body”. Well, maybe it was always just a little curly. Having a quality flat iron makes fixing it SO easy. Can’t imagine not having this thing now. Plus I just learned a technique for using it to make pretty “Taylor Swift” curls :)

4) Zyrtec- Last school year I was sick ALL the time. I just assumed it was because I was around all those sick kiddos. Then someone (my mom I think) recommended I take a Zyrtec once a day. I hardly ever get sick now (I had one cold this fall). I don’t know how I survived without this stuff for so long! It is AMAZING! And it seriously changed my life!

3) Addie- My new puppy born in April. Love this little fluff ball :)

2) Charming Charlie’s- This is a new store at the mall with hundreds of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, headbands, etc. Everything is from around $7-$20. I LOVE accessories. This store is one of my favorite things ever.

1) Nyquil- When I did get that one cold this fall I started out taking Benydryl to sleep at night. In the past this has worked, however this year…not so much. So I tried Nyquil. This stuff knocks you out and makes you sleep like a baby, whether you can breathe or not. Love it!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

Funny kiddo quote of the day...

"Miss Stephens, why is it SO hot in here? It is so hot I could just fry up...fry up like a french fry."

Oh those funny kiddos :)