Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tape or Candy?

It has been a little while since I posted a funny kiddo story. I think these stories are always funnier in the moment or to whomever experiences them, but this sure made me laugh, and hopefully will make you laugh too J

There is a kiddo in my class that I have a behavior plan with. The deal is that if he has a good morning he earns a piece of candy, and if he has a good morning and a good afternoon he earns a prize. So today he had a good morning (but not afternoon). This morning I moved the treasure box to the teacher’s room next door so the other kids won’t be upset when they don’t get a prize and this kiddo does. Mr. H put the treasure box on top of the overhead projector and I told him that I would send him over if he earns anything. At the end of the day I called the kiddo over and here is what happened.

Me: Hey kiddo you had a great morning so go next door and tell Mr. H that I sent you over for a piece of candy. Ok?
Kiddo: Yes! Ok!

2 minutes later the kiddo comes back and hands me a roll of scotch tape and a roll of masking tape.

Me: What is this?
Kiddo: I don’t know. Mr. H told me to give you this tape.
Me: Why?
Kiddo: I don’t know?
Me: Is this a joke? What did he say about the candy?
Kiddo: He didn’t say anything.
Me: Ok, go put the tape on the back table. (I ponder the situation for a moment.)
Me: Kiddo, take the tape back to Mr. H and tell him you are coming for a piece of candy. Tell him it is in the treasure box on top of the overhead projector. Ok?
Kiddo: Ok!

2 minutes later kiddo comes back eating his candy.

Me: Did you return the tape to Mr. H?
Kiddo: Yep.
Me: And he gave you the candy?
Kiddo: mmhmm.

2 minutes later Mr. H comes over.

Mr. H: Miss Stephens, do you need tape?
Me: No, why do you think I need tape?
Mr. H: Well kiddo came and knocked on my door and said, “Miss Stephens sent me for tape.”
Me: What!? No, I told him to go ask for his candy.
Mr. H and Me: Kiddo, why did you ask for tape?
Kiddo: I don’t know.
Me: I sent you over for candy.
Kiddo: I guess I forgot.
Me: Mr. H, what did kiddo say when he came back the second time?
Mr. H: He brought back the tape and told me to put it in the treasure box on top of the overhead projector. I though you were sending me some type of code or something about the candy and couldn’t figure out why you didn’t tell kiddo to just say what he needed!
Me: Hahahahaha! I never said anything about tape! Kiddo, why did you tell Mr. H to put the tape in the treasure box?
Kiddo: (As he is finishing up his candy.) I don’t know. I was confused.

So there you have it! I would love to know what was going on inside kiddos head! This is why I love kids. They make me laugh at the end of a long day!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


One of my favorite things about winter is being able to ski. Every year I take an annual trip with a group of friends in January to go skiing and snowboarding. Most of them snowboard, but I ski JLast weekend I had a fabulous time at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. I hadn’t ever been there before and had a great time exploring tons of new trails and to top it off there was fresh powder on the slopes!